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Warren County, Ohio Emergency Dispatch

Non-emergency 513-925-2525


Warren County, Ohio Emergency Management

Lesli Holt   (513) 695-1314


Butler County, Ohio  9-1-1 Dispatch Center

Non-emergency (513) 785-1300


Butler County, OH, Emergency Management 

Non-emergency (513) 785 -5810

Butler County Emergency Hotline 513-785-5800

(Information can be county-wide or location / incident specific)


Clermont County, Ohio Emergency Dispatch

Non-emergency (513) 732-2231


Clermont County, Ohio  EMA


Hamilton County, Ohio 9-1-1 Emergency Dispatch


Montgomery County, Ohio Regional Dispatch

Non-emergency (937) 225-4357


Ohio Fire - EMS Departments


Ohio Police Departments


Ohio State Patrol


Warren County Ohio Volunteer Services

Warren County Amateur Radio Assn.

WCARA Twitter     WCARA Facebook

Mason, OH CERT



State of Ohio Advanced Directives
(Power of Attorney)

Medical Power of Attorney (By State)

Living Wills and Health Care Powers of Attorney
(Ohio State Bar Assn.)

Power of Attorney (Ohio Revised Code)

Register next of kin with your Ohio drivers license   (Ohio BMV)

Update your address attached to  your Ohio drivers license  (Ohio BMV)

Emergency numbers in foreign countries (source Wikipedia)

Text-to-911 (SMS)
Call if you can, text if you can't
What You Need to Know

When to text: Hearing impaired, speech impaired, domestic violence, active aggressor or anytime a voice message is dangerous or impossible.

Ohio counties with Text-to-911:
Butler, Geauga (Chardon), Hamilton

National Text-to-911 county database
300K, xlsx (Excel sheet)

Ohio Emergency Management Agency

Ohio Department of Public Safety

Ohio Public Safety Training Campus

Ohio Responds

Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness

Ohio 9-1-1 Coordinators

Ohio Program Office for 9-1-1

Ohio Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association


Proactive Links

THORN Fighting Child Sexual Exploration through Tech Innovation


Address America  (Excellent 911 reflective numbers)

National 9-1-1 Program Office

National 9-1-1 Educational Campaign

Text-to-9-1-1 National List

Active Aggressor Threat   Video


International Emergency Telephone Numbers



N-1-1 Services

0-1-1 and 1-1-1: a leading digit of 0 or 1 indicates special dialing arrangements such as 0-1-1 followed by a country code is used to dial internationally or 1 followed by a 10-digit phone number indicating long distance or toll charges.

2-1-1: Community services and information (ex: United Way of America)

3-1-1: non-emergency municipal services supported in many communities in Canada and the United States.

4-1-1: Telephone directory assistance

5-1-1: Traffic information or police non-emergency services

6-1-1: Telephone company customer service and repair

7-1-1: TDD and Relay Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

8-1-1: Underground public utility location (United States);[1] non-emergency health information and services (Canada)

9-1-1: Emergency services (police, fire, ambulance/rescue services)





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Check first with your local Fire/EMS Department, Police Department, 9-1-1 Center,
Zoning Department, and the Homeowners Association for their specific requirements.
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