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My experience as a technology volunteer with Fire/EMS and Police for Miami Township, Clermont County, Ohio revealed many issues that can slow a rapid response by first responders. Eventually everyone will call 9-1-1 for help. Fire/EMS, Police and the 9-1-1 Communication Center are highly skilled at the technical aspects of responding to your request for help. However, often they are not able to perform at their maximum because of a lack of preparation on our part, the public. You can cause, Less Stress, Faster Response and Better Efficiency.

Completing the steps on this website can enhance the 9-1-1 response, increase everyone's safety, and build a more successful partnership for both.

Background: Lee Hite, is a retired, Electronics Engineer for 27 years in the high-tech world. For the past 28 years he has been involved with emergency services. A technology volunteer at the Fire/EMS and Police Department in Miami Township, Clermont County, Ohio and emergency services in Warren County, Ohio.

He was a FEMA responder for the 2004 hurricanes in Florida, President of the Clermont County Citizen Corps, President of the Citizen Police Academy and President of the Clermont County Citizens Emergency Response Team. In addition, he was also an active member of the Clermont County Medical Reserve Corps and the Tri-State County Animal Response Team. He is author of the software program Look-It-Up that runs on Police and Fire/EMS vehicles in numerous jurisdictions.

Lee received the annual Safety and Justice Award from Clermont 20/20, recognition from the US Congress, the Ohio House of Representatives along with the Citizen Award for Commendation Of Public Service from The Board of County Commissioners, Clermont County. In addition, he has been an Amateur Radio Operator (K8CLI) for the past 60 years and President of the Regional Engineers and Scientists of Cincinnati.

9-1-1 responders constantly train to be prepared for your emergency, all of them, not just Fire/EMS and Police! Your emergency communications center includes a large inventory of agencies available for dispatch, but they can't help you, if they can't FIND YOU.

Practice Smart 9-1-1 addressing that works!

As part of the solution consider these questions:

1. Can a first responder see your address at 11:00 p.m. from a distance of 100 feet arriving from the opposite direction of the mail service?

2. Who medically speaks for you when you are unconscious and alone?

3. How do you expect the paramedics to enter your home when your doors are locked and you cannot unlock them?

4. Does your backup fire hydrant really work and is it visible?

5. Are your utility emergency shut-offs visible and do you know where they are?

6. Do you really know what to do when you see or hear Sirens & Lights?

This site is intended for public information and education. People of all ages have asked me why certain events happen when they call 9-1-1. This site answers some of those questions.

The suggestions made here are just that - suggestions. This information is NOT to be regarded as advice for medical, law enforcement, firefighting or any other responder issue. They are MY observations. I suggest you take a look at these easy actions and consider implementing them. While I offer specific recommendations, you should always check first with the local 9-1-1 center, the Fire/EMS and Police departments about their specific requirements.

I have nothing for sale, I do not seek sponsorships and I am not seeking donations.
You can contact me at email. I appreciate your feedback.
Thank You!
Leland L. Hite, Maineville, Ohio, USA

The information, documents and downloads on this website are open source and free to download and use for your organization. Under no circumstance are they to be sold or used to make a profit.


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