You Can Do This


Everyone will eventually call for emergency help and you can cause a 9-1-1 emergency response to be faster and more effective.

Experience a Better 9-1-1  Response
Enhance your
Emergency IQ

> Learn about perfect 9-1-1 addressing
> Learn how to provide your medical history to first responders
> Learn how to register your alternate key holder with 9-1-1
> Learn about surprising guidelines when you see sirens & lights
> Learn when you are responsible for fire hydrant clearance
> Learn how to easily mitigate emergency shut-offs

Build a Better Partnership
Become 9-1-1 Friendly
You and Your First Responders

Complete these six easy steps
to enhance your Emergency

Then finish by completing your 9-1-1 Smart Partnership Plan

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As you know, you have an important responsibility
 to yourself, your family and your  neighborhood.

Consider these questions:

1. Can a 9-1-1 responder see your address at 11:00 PM from a distance of 100 feet  arriving from the opposite direction of the mail service?

2. Who medically speaks for you when you are unconscious and alone?

3. How do you expect the paramedics to enter your home when your
    doors are locked and you cannot unlock them?

4. Does your backup fire hydrant really work and is it visible?

5. Are your utility emergency shut-offs visible and do you know where they are?

6. Do you really know what to do when you see or hear Sirens & Lights?

You can be part of the solution. As customers of 9-1-1 we have a responsibility to help assure the 9-1-1 emergency response is most effective.

Get the kids and grandkids involved in this project and increase their Emergency IQ. Let your friends know you're doing this and how important it is to everyone.

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