Knowledge I Didn't Know I Needed To Know About Emergency Services

   What if you caused a 9-1-1 delay?   

Most of us are unaware of the delay we cause a 9-1-1 responder. Here we detail how to eliminate unintentional delay and become a better customer for emergency responders. You can experience Less Stress, Faster Response and Better Efficiency.

Download these essential 9-1-1 documents (PDF format)






Two minute disaster preparedness videos from MDTV

Completing the steps on this website can enhance the 9-1-1 response, increase everyone's safety, and build a more successful partnership for both.

You have an important responsibility to
yourself and your family to be prepared!

Attention: The information, documents and downloads on this website are open source and free to download and use for your organization. Under no circumstance are they to be sold or used to make a profit.

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