This 5 Minute Task Could Save Your Life!

Become 911Ready
Who Speaks for You in a Medical Emergency?

This 5 minute task could save your life!

Complete your personal
Emergency Medical Data Sheet.

Keep it updated and available for handoff to medical personnel.

Most of us are unaware of the delay we cause a first responder.

Here we detail how to eliminate this unintentional delay.

You can do this!

Download these essential 9-1-1 documents (PDF format)

Attention: The information, documents and downloads on this website are open source and free to download and use for your organization. Under no circumstance are they to be sold or used to make a profit.

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Check first with your local Fire/EMS Department, Police Department, 9-1-1 Center,
Zoning Department, and the Homeowners Association for their specific requirements.
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